Pixiwoo makeup course in Norwich

Norwich is the kind of city where you immediately feel at home, people are so friendly and nice and there are some lovely little shops and pubs. So, what did I do in Norwich for a week? Well, I attended the 5 Day Intensive Makeup Course by the amazing Pixiwoo sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman (famous from their Youtube channel that has more than 1.400.000 subscribers!). It was amazing! It was basically the best week ever. I miss everyone from the course already, and it was just so much fun every single day. Sam and Nic are just so sweet.

Here are a few photos to show what we did during the week.

The makeup I did on other people:

Yup, I got the chance to do Nic’s makeup! I was so happy and she was just so sweet.


Look at all that amazing makeup! ♥

A tutorial by Sam on contouring the face, on the lovely Kate Gowing!

Me, applying makeup on Nic.

And at last. A photo of beautiful Norwich.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

Lots of love,


34 thoughts on “Pixiwoo makeup course in Norwich

    1. christinedalum

      Thank you so much! 😀 I’m glad you like the blog and my photos. Hopefully I’ll be able to put a lot more nice photos on my blog once I get my camera back! xxx

  1. Shelby H.

    Fabulousaaa….I love it! I’ve been researching Nic & Sam’s courses….would love/die to take at least 1. How on earth did you get a spot?!

    1. christinedalum

      Well, I was just checking out Twitter one morning and I saw that Sam had tweeted, that there was one more spot on the course and I immediately wrote back “I’m in!” 😀 and that’s basically it. It was a week before the course started or so, very impulsive decision! :b but it was probably one of the best weeks in my life, ever! 🙂

    1. christinedalum

      Well, go for it 😀 it is rather expensive, but makeup courses just are expensive, so whereever you go, you’ll end up paying something like this. I think it was completely worth the money though! Absolutely 🙂 the course itself costs 995 pounds.

  2. Yanet

    Hi, loved reading your blog! I’m from USA and I’m going to a makeup school near Hollywood..but i also watch the pixiwoo blogs/youtube…and i was so curious about their courses 🙂 Per your comments is 995 british pounds correct? my question is did it came with a kit of makeup also? or it was just the classes? Just curious to be honest..trying to compare prices and what it comes with the course…my husband is English from B’ham and we plans to move to England next year so i’m just doing my research. 🙂 thank you for your time..xoxo

    1. christinedalum

      Hi, sorry for the late answer! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment 🙂 yes, the course is 995 british pounds + hotel and plane tickets. No, you do not get a makeup kit with this course, you do get a set of MAC false eyelashes, a certificate and a map with different guides. I very much recommend this course! 🙂 xxxxxxxx

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  4. Pernille Andersen

    Since you’re from the DK..: Hej! 🙂 Jeg er, i forhold til dig, i den begyndende fase af min kærlighed til make-up. Jeg elsker at studere Pixiwoo, Kandee Johnson og alle de andre youtube guruer! Men, nu er jeg også begyndt bare at lave make-up looks udfra et billede. Jeg ville egentlig bare sige hej og sige at du er kanon dygtig. 🙂 Jeg har selv en blog. Jeg er lige begyndt, så den er nok ikke så spændende som din, men tjek den ud? 🙂 http://nillelicious.blogspot.com/2011/10/jessie-j-make-up-look-1.html

    1. christinedalum

      Hej med dig! 😀 hyggeligt at møde en fellow dansk beauty blogger 😉 det lyder rigtig spændende, og jeg skal helt sikkert nok lige tjekke din blog 🙂 tusind tusind tak for den søde kommentar, det er jeg rigtig glad for du synes 😀 jeg har posts forberedt til hele november måned, så der sker noget nyt her på bloggen hver dag i det næste stykke tid, og derefter sker der forhåbenligt meget mere med makeup looks. Igen, tak for den søde kommentar!! 🙂 xxxxxxx

  5. Jade Clark


    Lovely post 🙂 The course looks so exciting. I have just received an information pack. I know this may seem like a strange question but were there models that you got to do the make up on or did you have to do it on eachother? I’m just wondering because I’m concerned about my skin!

    Thanks x

    1. christinedalum

      Hi there! Thank you so much! 😀 It’s not a strange question at all, I was worried about the same thing as I have super sensitive skin and especially eyes. What we did was I practiced makeup on the other girls at the course, and then they practiced on a model 🙂 it worked out great! Sometimes they practiced on me too but there were models available for when my skin got too annoyed. Hope this helps! And good luck with the makeup course, I hope you enjoy it! Sam and Nic are the sweetest. xxxxxx

  6. Ryann Pilla

    HI im planning on taken their course as well but im from the states and not really sure of good hotels to stay or things like that…do you have any recommendations?

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  8. tawny

    hi i really want to take this course, and i know you said before that they issue a certificate. since i live in the states and their course is in the UK would i still receive the same benefits as the USA? such as, mac gives pro artist discounts, will i still qualify towards that with the certificate they issue?

  9. Kath

    Love the pictures,and I definitely have to visit Norwich! It’s been my dream ever since I was a kid to go to UK. So, i’ve got a couple of questions. I’ve been thinking of going to Nics and Sams course, for a while now. My question is, how many of you guys were in a group?And for how long per day were you guys doing makeup /spent on the course.? And do you get a little bit of personal time with Sam or Nic? If you have some questions, or you just need an advice? And last, but not least, what kind of certificate do you get? Like a professional makeup artist or? Hope you’ll answer my questions!

    1. MissDalum

      Hello, sorry for the late reply! We did makeup from 9 to 4 every day, and the group work varied every single day. The course isn’t for you to sort of hang out with Sam and Nic, as they’re teaching, but you talk to them all day long, but not hang out afterwards – they’ve got lives and children as well 🙂 You can always ask them for advice, all day long though! Definitely. That’s what they’re there for. You get a certificate that states you took the course but it doesn’t “make” you a professional makeup artist 🙂
      Hope I was able to help, please feel free to email me at any time if you have any more questions! I really hope you do go to England, I’m moving there soon so if you need someone to meet up with me, tweet me or whatever 🙂

  10. Aggy

    Hi am planning to do the course next year however i hear of a lot of people going with their friends and am afraid to be the only one going by myself…probably a silly question but does everyone kind of become friends, mingle and hang together??

    1. MissDalum

      Hello! Sounds wonderful. I went alone and it was not only an amazing experience for myself to have, but I got lots of friends that I still talk to across countries 🙂 There’s no reason to be afraid; be excited! You’ll meet so many nice people and Sam and Nic will take good care of everyone, I promise you. Yes, people mingle and hang out together 🙂 definitely. Email me if you’ve any more questions at any time 🙂 xxx

      1. Angie

        Where can I find the contact info for the course? I live in that states and am having a hard time finding it. Thanks!!

  11. Ronalou Lau

    Hi there…great post!!!
    I am very keen to attend Sam and Nic’s classes, however how much is it for the course they offer?

    Is it only a 5 day course? and what sort of things did they touch on ie. runway makeup?, bridal?

    Many thanks in advance

  12. livnzoe@bluewin.ch

    Hey i just read your interesting article.. I’m following the two girls on youtube for a long time. I’m a big fan and i want to visit one of their courses.
    Could you give me an e-mail adress to contact them, or the person who organises the courses, because i don’t have twitter…


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